Jodie Sweetin Tells Cops Fiance Might Kill Himself After Engagement Ends

3/27/2017 12:50 AM PDT


0324-jodie-sweetin-justin-hodak-getty-01Jodie Sweetin called 911 when her now ex-fiance stormed out of their house claiming he wanted to kill himself … and it led to him going to jail.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Sweetin told them Justin Hodak was out of control after they had a nuclear fight during which she ended the engagement. She said Hodak threatened to kill himself and she was worried he’d make good on his threat.

Cops arrived and spoke with Jodie, who told them he had a gun in one of the bedrooms. Cops retrieved it, ran Hodak’s rap sheet and found he was a felon, so possessing a gun was illegal.

We’re told Hodak returned home later and cops were waiting. They slapped the cuffs on him and took him to jail.

Hodak bailed out a few hours later.

We reached out, but he had no comment.

Some NYS Dems not happy with de Blazio over late mansion tax push

Here is an expanded version of the second item from my “Albany Insider” column from Monday’s print editions:

Mayor de Blasio’s recent 11th-hour push for his proposed mansion tax that included a surprise trip to Albany last week left some of his fellow Democrats shaking their heads.

Some Dems believe de Blasio, despite knowing it has no chance to pass the GOP-controlled state Senate, is pushing the measure to cater to his progressive base in a reelection year. They say the mayor knows he can blame Albany for the loss—a tactic that is rubbing some in the Legislature who should be his allies the wrong way.

“He is as much a disaster in Albany today as he was four years ago,” one legislative Democrat said. “His arrogance has not served him well.”

De Blasio spokeswoman Melissa Grace called the mayor’s plan for a 2.5% tax on the purchase of homes of more than $ 2 million to help fund affordable housing for 25,000 low-income seniors a “no brainer.”

“It keeps everyday seniors in the homes they love and deserve, and the State Assembly and members of the Senate are already on board,” Grace said. “As Washington is looking to harm our great state, it’s time for Albany to stand up for New York City seniors, not the wealthy and corporations who have more than they need.”

De Blasio for the most part has kept a low profile this year when it comes to Albany, a place where he’s suffered some of his biggest defeats and embarrassments.

But in recent days, he’s decided to make a priority of the mansion tax, which all sides agree has little chance of passing.

Gov. Cuomo hasn’t taken a position on the mansion tax, but has said he is opposed to raising taxes. The Senate Republicans, with whom de Blasio has feuded, have shot down the idea of the mansion tax.

The Senate GOP particularly isn’t looking to hit the rich with the tax at the same time it is expected a tax a different tax on millionaires set to expire this year will be extended.

While de Blasio could point the finger of blame at the Senate GOP if the mansion tax dies, some legislative Democrats are not happy he’s focusing his energies on an issue not going anywhere that could put them in an uncomfortable spot.

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'She's as frosty as a storm' Trump puts screws on Angela Merkel with '£300BN Nato bill'

The billionaire is said to have instructed his aides to work out Germany’s debt to the organisation following their meeting earlier this month. 

With member countries pledging to contribute two per cent of their GDP to defence in 2014, something only a handful do, Mr Trump has been critical of those who he deems are not paying their fair share.

The bill is said to take into account how much Germany underspent by since 2002, when Chancellor Merkel’s predecessor, Gerhard Schröder, pledged to spend more on defence. 

It is said to have come to £250n, with £50n interest added on. 

An unnamed German minister was quoted by the Times as saying the bill was “outrageous” and added: “The concept behind putting out such demands is to intimidate the other side, but the chancellor took it calmly and will not respond to such provocations.”

Another source said: “The president has a very unorthodox view on Nato defence spending.

“The alliance is not a club with a membership fee. The commitments relate to countries’ investment in their defence budgets.”

Mrs Merkel is said to be ‘ignoring’ the bill. 

But the White House has denied the claims, with spokesperson Michael Short saying the report was “false”.

Despite aides maintaining the bill does not exist, Donald Trump has been vocal about the perceived sums owed by Germany. 

Shortly after Mr Trump’s and Mrs Merkel’s catastrophic meeting in Washington, where the 70-year-old president refused to shake his counterpart’s hand, he took to twitter to grill Germany over its defence spending. 

He posted: “Despite what you have heard from the FAKE NEWS, I had a GREAT meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 

“Germany owes… vast sums of money to NATO & the United States must be paid more for the powerful, and very expensive, defence it provides to Germany!” 

He claims the US has been forced to shoulder the financial burden of NATO, which he indicated will not continue throwing doubt on the US’ future role in the partnership. 

But a day after his twitter tirade, German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen issued a statement to the contrary. 

She said: “There is no account where debts are registered with NATO.

“Defence spending also goes into UN peacekeeping missions, into our European missions and into our contribution to the fight against ISIS terrorism.”

Mrs Merkel has committed to higher defence spending by Germany, something Mr Trump has been wrangling for. 

But the pair’s future working relationship looks uncertain after Mr Trump’s ally, Ted Malloch admitted their meeting was “as frosty as the storm” raging in the US capital at the time. 

Mr Malloch rated the president’s meeting with Mrs Merkel a paltry one out of 10, compared to 9.5 for Theresa May.

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Emails between alleged Tenn. kidnapper, student reveal romance

As the nationwide search continues for Elizabeth Thomas, the 15 -year-old allegedly kidnapped by her former teacher, law enforcement officials have revealed emails showing the two having a possible romantic connection.

The pair wrote emails to each other but never sent them, saving the messages in draft instead. They would only read the messages when they logged into their school email accounts and then delete the drafts, Maury County District Attorney Brent Cooper told WAAS-TV.

“If you read them you would immediately recognize you are reading messages between two people who have a romantic interest in each other,” Cooper told the TV station.

Elizabeth Thomas, 15, remains missing and is believed to be with her former teacher Tad Cummins, 50.

Elizabeth Thomas, 15, remains missing and is believed to be with her former teacher Tad Cummins, 50.

(Tennessee Bureau of Investigation)

One email shared with the TV station by a Maury County Sheriff’s official showed the teacher, 50-year-old Tad Cummins, complimenting one of Elizabeth’s body parts.

Chandler Anderson, a nurse practitioner and former co-worker of Cummins’, is offering a $ 5,000 reward for Cummins’ arrest, WAAY reported. Anderson first met the suspected kidnapper in 1998 when he worked as a respiratory therapist before his teaching job.

An ambert alert was issued for Elizabeth Thomas, 15, on  March 14.

An ambert alert was issued for Elizabeth Thomas, 15, on  March 14.

(Tennessee Bureau of Investigation)

Meanwhile, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has received hundreds of tips, but none have led to Elizabeth’s whereabouts. Authorities believe Cummins is armed with two handguns and driving a Nissan Rogue with Tennessee plates.

Cummins was also accused of kissing the teen in late January. The accusation led to his firing at Culleoka Unit School on March 14 – the same day officials issued an Amber alert for Elizabeth.

Tad Cummins, 50, is wanted on kidnapping charges.

Tad Cummins, 50, is wanted on kidnapping charges.

(Tennessee Bureau of Investigation)

The teen was last seen on March 13 after a friend dropped her off at a Shoney’s restaurant in Columbia, Tenn.

The former science teacher is wanted on charges of sexual contact with a minor and aggravated kidnapping, authorities said.

A video obtained by WKRN-TV from Wayne County Now has recently surfaced, showing the Tennessee teen and her brother apparently sewing a Confederate flag. The video was released so that members of the public would be able to recognize her voice if they were to come across the two. 

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New 12-sided £1 coin hits shops tomorrow edging out old round pound after 30 years

The new coin has been described as the most secure coin in the world and boasts high-tech features, including a hologram. 

But consumers craving a snack or trying to park may face confusion when they attempt to pay at coin-operated machines, as some will not immediately accept the new coin. They may find themselves rifling through their wallets for an old round pound. 

Tesco trolleys across many of its stores will be unlocked as the supermarket giant performs upgrades so that they can accept the new coin. 

A Tesco spokesman said last week that “fewer than 200” of its stores will be affected. 

He said last week: “We will continue to have colleagues on hand to attend trolleys in our stores, so our customers aren’t affected by the changes.” 

The old coin and the new coin will co-exist together for a period of around six months, until the round pound ceases to be legal tender on October 15. 

The new coins have been made at the Royal Mint in Llantrisant, South Wales, at a rate of three million per day. 

They have a gold-coloured outer ring and a silver-coloured inner ring and are based on the design of the old 12-sided threepenny bit, which went out of circulation in 1971. 

It might take a few days or weeks for people to start seeing the new £1 coins turn up in their change as they gradually filter into general use. 

The Automatic Vending Association (AVA) estimates that when the new coin goes into circulation, around 85% of vending machines will be able to accept the new £1 coin and all will still accept the old coin. 

It said that with around half a million vending machines across the UK, ensuring all of them are upgraded is a “major operation”. 

The body has estimated that all vending machines will be fully upgraded by the end of the transition period on October 15. 

Jonathan Hart, chief executive of the AVA, said the upgrades needed for the new £1 coin will cost the vending industry an estimated £32 million. 

He said: “We support the Royal Mint and the Treasury’s actions to protect the integrity of currency in the UK and reduce the level of fake coins in operation.” 

A spokesman for the British Parking Association (BPA) said the majority of parking machines will be ready but some older machines may not be able to be upgraded and so new equipment may need to be invested in. 

A statement from the BPA said parking machine manufacturers “say they are positive they will be able to manage the upgrade in a timely manner”. 

One pound coins were first launched on April 21 1983 to replace £1 notes. The Royal Mint has produced more than two billion round pound coins since that time. 

The production of the new coins follows concerns about round pounds being vulnerable to sophisticated counterfeiters. Around one in every 30 £1 coins in people’s change in recent years has been fake. 

The Government has previously described the new coin as “harder to counterfeit than ever before”. 

People have been urged to return their old round pounds before they eventually lose their legal tender status. They can bank them or spend them. 

Around £1.3 billion worth of coins are stored in savings jars across the country, and the current £1 coin is thought to account for nearly a third of these. 

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'Cash Me Outside' Girl Danielle Bregoli Signs Reality TV Deal

3/27/2017 1:00 AM PDT


0324-danielle-bregoli-tmz-gettyCash Me Outside” girl Danielle Bregoli has officially gone Hollywood — we’ve learned she just signed a deal with a major TV production company.

We’re told Danielle scribbled her John Hancock Friday for a reality show that will be loosely formatted, starring, of course, Danielle. 

Nothing’s been shot, but we’re told producers are so confident they’re going to shop the concept and believe they can sell a series in the room.

We broke the story … Danielle’s managers said they had been contacted by 7 production companies and 4 of them showed interest in doing a reality show with Danielle and her mom.

The 14-year-old’s already given fans PLENTY of material … first on “Dr. Phil” with her inadvertent breakout role that launched her into stardom … followed by a slew of physical throwdowns that also included a brawl with her mom.

Material won’t be lacking.


Schumer urges House to save internet privacy from bad Senate bill

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer urged the House on Sunday to vote against legislation that strips consumer protections of private online data.

Last week, the Senate voted along party lines, 50 to 48, to roll back broadband privacy regulations that prevent internet providers like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T from collecting and selling users’ private information without permission.

“The little privacy we have left, the kind that enshrines our personal emails, our health information, our finances and even the websites our kids visit, must not be made available to everyone and anyone,” Schumer (D-N.Y.) said.

If signed by President Trump into law, the legislation would undo protections implemented under President Barack Obama.


The Senate voted to roll back broadband privacy regulations that prevent internet providers like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T from collecting and selling users’ private information.

(Medioimages/Getty Images)

“A family’s personal information shouldn’t go to the highest bidder,” Schumer said.

The legislation comes amid Trump’s ongoing loosening of regulations. Republican lawmakers contend that the privacy rules unfairly restricted internet service providers — while not applying the same rules to tech giants like Google and Facebook.

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Spain's EU exit on horizon as ‘only a miracle’ can save nation from debt bubble BURSTING

And they say it is absolutely essential that the People’s Party-led government immediately produce accurate figures over the country’s GDP as debt burdens weigh on hardworking families.

The average Spanish family is crippled with £118,000 (€136,000) in debt brought on by years of mismanagement, it has been warned.

But leading economist Robert Centeno says the unstable administration led by Rajoy which has been in gridlock since the controversial election in 2015 is not being honest about Spain‘s current economic conditions.

And there are growing calls for him to disclose figures amid serious concerns Spain could be set to default on loans which cannot conceivably be paid off for half a century.

Mr Centeno said: “People don’t really know what type of menace the national debt is for their lives. 

“The mass media in Spain simply certify the ‘official’ figures that the government gives.

“The official debt is now at €1.1 trillion, but the debt is much higher.

“Let me say that only a miracle will reduce that amount of debt, but anyway, even in that improbable event, Spain would have to give to Brussels its real total amount national debt figures.

“This total amount of debt which has nothing to do with the dossier we have sent to the European authorities is published every three months by the bank of Spain under the name of ‘circulating passives’.

“And the last figure given by the Bank of Spain is €1.56 trillion.

“This is public debt. Debt generated from the central government, the autonomous communities, the local government and the social security.

“What I am trying to say is that the total figure of the National Spanish debt is a huge lie.

“You just have to do the figures”.

Mr Centeno says Spain is careering towards a third world economy. 

In the space of just three decades Spain has dropped from being the 9th to the 14th largest economy in the world.

Mr Rajoy has been declared a ‘persona non grata’ of Pontevedra, his adopted city and is overrun with politicians, with the leader said to employ 2,500 special advisors as he continues to rule Spain with his minority government.

Mr Centeno, added: “In Spain centralised spending is creating inefficiency and an extreme lack of control.

“A recent study shows that Spain has 445,568 politicians, including trade unionists, which is twice as many as Italy and France, or Germany with twice as many citizens as three times less political office.”

Daily Express :: World Feed

CBS affiliate in Columbus cuts away from ending of UNC-Kentucky

There was lots of insanity going on Sunday evening, especially in Columbus, Ohio.

The folks in the Columbus TELEVISION market who tuned into 10TV for the North Carolina-Kentucky game lost out on a thrilling surface when the station chose to cut to a blank screen weather report that was releasing a tornado caution.

By the time they went back to the game it was over and North Carolina was commemorating.

Fans in Columbus, Ohio miss this shot from North Carolina

Fans in Columbus, Ohio miss this shot from North Carolina’s Luke Maye.(Mark Humphrey/AP)The station supposedly removed with 17 seconds staying, missing the game-tying three-pointer by Kentucky’s Malik Monk which was rapidly followed by the eventual game-winning jumper by North Carolina’s Luke Maye, giving the Tar Heels the 75-73 victory.

North Carolina tops Kentucky on Luke Maye game-winning jumper

In an effort to make up for its mistake, 10TV tweeted they would air the last two minutes of the video game at 8 p.m.

March 26, 2017 Still, it’s simply not the same.

Addtionally, they launched a declaration:

“We had a huge technical failure in the final seconds of the NCAA basketball game in between the University of Kentucky and the University of North Carolina. As soon as the circumstance was remedied we were under a twister caution and lives remained in risk. Upon the conclusion of the warning we aired the staying minutes of the game. We excuse the hassle.”

March Insanity undoubtedly.

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Taking the easy option with car insurance renewal can be costly

Car insurance

GETTY When is comes to automobile insurance coverage taking the easy choice can be pricey That is certainly the case when it concerns

insurance plan. A lot of motorists and homes just auto-renew for another year, rather than taking a look at what cover they are getting and what does it cost? they are paying

for it. Associated articles< section class="text-description" readability ="33"> The outcome is that many spend hundreds of pounds more than they need, which is a high cost to pay for

relaxing. New rules that enter

force next month will trigger us all to act to drive down the expense of insurance coverage, but they will not be enough by themselves. GET MOVING Loyalty does not pay when it pertains to insurance companies, who schedule their most affordable offers to win new company, while treking rates for existing clients. City watchdog the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)is presenting new policies created to push people into

moving on. From April 1, anybody who sells general insurance coverage such as motor, home, travel, health and pet insurance coverage must reveal your current premium alongside your brand-new quote on renewal letters, and encourage looking around.

Consumers who have actually auto-renewed for a minimum of four successive years should be targeted and provided additional information on the best ways to compare offers.

The rules use to insurance provider and any person else offering cover, that includes banks, brokers and high-street retailers, such as M&S, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

James Bridge, assistant director at the Association of British Insurance providers (ABI), says the changes ought to encourage more individuals to search, however alerts that getting inexpensive cover is not everything: “Always keep in mind to choose the cover that fulfills your needs, and do not simply purchase on rate alone.”

Sun, March 19, 2017 Cheap cars and truck insurance coverage-Most popular and inexpensive cars to guarantee REVEALED< img src=""data-credit="GETTY"alt ="Vauxhall Corsa"title="1. Vauxhall Corsa-& #xA 3; 2,065 typical yearly cost"onload= ""/ > GETTY 1 of 15

1. Vauxhall Corsa-₤ 2,065 average annual expense STUCK IN TRAFFIC However, new figures suggest that countless drivers will continue to auto-renew their motor insurance coverage, despite the fact that changing might save them up to ₤ 275 each. More than

eight million drivers will jointly overspend ₤ 2.37 billion on insurance coverage premiums this year as an outcome, according to research study from Approximately half of all UK motorists auto-renew with their existing insurance company, and this number will dip just a little after the modifications. Kevin Pratt, customer affairs expert at MoneySupermarket, says much more needs to be done to encourage individuals to move on: “It is blindingly apparent that the brand-new FCA rules are not rigid adequate to produce a switch-and-save culture.”

He states 2 thirds of motorists picked their insurance provider because it provided the most affordable deal at the time but have no concept whether it still does: “Till changing becomes a routine, service providers will remain uninspired to provide the most competitive rates to devoted clients.”

Switching is even crucial as car insurance premiums speed up, owned up by expensive walkings in insurance premium tax brought in by Chancellor Philip Hammond and his predecessor George Osborne, with the next being available in June.

The typical comprehensive motor insurance premium leapt to a four-year high of ₤ 633 in 2016, inning accordance with the AA, after increasing practically 12 per cent in 2015.

Pratt says that reforms to injury pay-out computations, understood as the Ogden settlement rate, will add another ₤ 70: “This makes it more crucial than ever to be proactive at renewal.”

Car insurance GETTY 3 from 10 people are happy with their offer

and do not desire

to switch ENTER INTO EQUIPMENT MoneySupermarket’s figures also show that not everybody desires to switch, as three in 10 were pleased with their motor offer and might not find a better one.

Others secured a much better quote, which their existing insurance provider then matched. Customer support kept some loyal. Vehicle Insurance specialist Matt Oliver says clients who have not looked around for several years are probably to be paying too much which a little preparation can toss premiums into reverse: “Keep a note of cars and truck and home insurance renewal dates and never accept a quote without inspecting that the cost is competitive.”

Likewise, verify all your details are still precise and pertinent, he includes: “If you now do less mileage or have actually changed tasks then update this info as you might get a more competitive cost.”

Make sure you are comparing like with like and understand all charges, charges, exclusions and conditions that you might be required to meet.

Oliver states that paying annually is normally more affordable, as insurers include interest if you spread the cost with monthly payments rather.

Increasing your voluntary excess, constructing a no-claims discount rate, and preventing add-ons can also cut premiums.

HOME FRONT More affordable insurance coverage begins at home so also inspect whether your buildings and contents policies are suitabled for function.

Doug Strachan, executive director of Age UK House Insurance coverage, says confirm you have the right level of contents cover and state any high-value items that you have obtained just recently, otherwise they may not be covered: “An easy call to your home insurance company could put your mind at ease.”

Inspect terms to make sure you have all the ideal locks and bolts and are preserving the structure, otherwise any claim could be eliminated.

The regulator can just do so much; ultimately, you have to make the effort yourself. So do not simply roll over.Related articles Daily Express:: Personal Finance Feed

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