Ecuadorian president allows Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to stay in London embassy

Lenin Moreno, who assumed office in Ecuador last week, said he “personally rejects” the Wikileaks Founder but “respects the situation in which he finds himself”.

Before he pledged to support Mr Assange, Mr Moreno was engaged in a brutal war of words with the holed up computer programmer.

Mr Moreno slammed the Wikileaks boss as a “hacker” days after he urged him to stay out of Ecuadorian politics.

Mr Assange had taken a swipe at a defeated Ecuadorian conservative presidential candidate on Twitter.

But in response to the harsh criticism, Mr Moreno told Assange to “not interfere”.

He added: “His status does not allow him to talk about the politics of any country, let alone ours.”

Mr Assange has lived in Ecuador’s London embassy for the last five years following an accusation of rape brought by a Swedish woman.

Although the charges were dropped earlier this month, British officials have insisted that he could be arrested in London if he leaves the diplomatic sanctuary within the UK capital.

Mr Moreno’s previous attacks on Mr Assange marked a contrast to his predecessor Rafael Correo, who hailed Ecuador for doing its “duty” by granting Assange asylum in 2012.

During his time at the embassy, Mr Assange has been ruthless with his critical assessment of global politics.

Earlier this month he belittled the CIA, branding the agency as “dangerously incompetent” after the agency deemed him a “friend of terrorists”.

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