Donald Trump 'willing to cut off trade' with China to reign in despotic North Korea

Treasury Secretary Steve Munchin suggested on Wednesday that the is willing to cut off trade “with anyone who trades with ”.

He said in an interview on Fox News: “I’ve worked on an executive order that’s ready if the president wants to use it.

“We can stop trade with any country that does business with North Korea.

“We are going to be careful in using these tools, but the president is committed. We will use economic sanctions to bring North Korea to the table.”

When asked whether he included , Mnuchin replied: “Stopping trade with anybody. Nobody would be off the table.”

President Trump took to Twitter in the wake of North Korea’s sixth and most powerful nuclear test to make the same threat.

He said: “I will be meeting General Kelly, General Mattis and other military leaders at the White House to discuss North Korea. Thank you.

“The United States is considering, in addition to other options, stopping all trade with any country doing business with North Korea.”

China replied that the President’s comments are “unacceptable”.

He also Tweeted today: “China has a business tax rate of 15%. We should do everything possible to match them in order to win with our economy. Jobs and wages!”

The heated words come as North Korea has been hit with tough sanctions.

The UN passed new sanctions on the East Asian dictatorship unanimously.

Former North Korea’s allies Russia and China also voted in favour of new oil imports limits.

A statement from the North Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee responded by saying: “The army and people of the DPRK are unanimously demanding that the Yankees, chief culprit in cooking up the ‘sanctions resolution’, be beaten to death as a stick is fit for a rabid dog.

“The Yankees are the sworn enemy and group of wolves which can never be allowed to go as they have massacred and persecuted the Korean people century after century.

“The group of gangsters should never be pardoned for having ruthlessly trampled down our sovereignty and right to existence.

“There’s a limit to patience.”

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