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Downsizing: The disadvantages of moving to a smaller home

GETTY – STOCK Research suggest almost half of pensioners would consider downsizing Almost half of all pensioners would consider moving to a smaller home, new research suggests, and the numbers are expected to grow. There are attractions to downsizing, as you can raise tens of thousands of pounds from selling up, and make everyday life […]


Help To Buy: Fears first-time buyer scheme will be AXED

The Help To Buy ISA was only launched at the end of last year and gives savers a 25 per cent bonus on savings, which can then be used as a deposit for a first home. A different strand of the scheme provides a loan for a 20 per cent deposit to first-time buyers who […]


SHOCK WARNING: Interest rates could soon RISE, Bank of England deputy says

The cost of debt and borrowing is set to rise faster than markets are currently expecting, Ben Broadbent said. Mark Carney’s right-hand man said rising inflation and a strong economy could mean a rate hike sooner rather than later. He said Britain is now in “a little bit” of a better position for a core […]


Holidaymakers get LESS than one euro for a pound in fresh getaway misery

Travellers buying eurozone currency will now get just 90 cents for every pound in some getaway points, as agents rake in excessive margins, research has showed. Sterling has this week dropped to a nine-month low against the euro this week, making holidays on the continent more expensive for jet-setters. But holidaymakers who buy travel money […]


How to get bitcoin cash? Find out how to get your hands on BCH tokens

What is bitcoin cash? Bitcoin cash (BCH) is a splinter currency which branched off from the original bitcoin blockchain in a hard fork yesterday (Tuesday August 1). The new token bitcoin cash was created by a group of miners who ‘forked’ bitcoin in a bid to increase transaction capacity.  Since emerging on the market, the […]


Bitcoin v bitcoin cash price charts: Bitcoin cash on the rise

Bitcoin cash (BCH) entered the cryptocurrency market in strong fashion, becoming the second most valuable token on its very first day of existence. The new cryptocurrency was trading at $ 690.38 at 2.20pm today, up from $ 222.71 at 7.59pm last night, according to CoinMarketCap.  Bitcoin cash’s current market capitalisation is estimated to be a […]


British Gas price increase: How you can BEAT the 12.5 per cent electricity hike

Britons are under sustained attack from the taxman, banks, insurers and holiday companies as rip-off Britain returns with a vengeance.  But the good news is that with a little planning you could save yourself hundreds or even thousands a year.  The 12.5 per cent British Gas charge hike is almost five times consumer price inflation […]


Pension con artists activity SPIKE as 1.8m over-50s targeted in last three months

Some 1.8million over-50s have been offered unsolicited free pensions advice or investment opportunities by phone, text or email in recent weeks.  Thousands have been conned out of their pots by fake advisers offering get-rich-quick schemes.  Retirement Advantage pensions technical director Andrew Tully said pension freedom reforms allowing the over-55s to cash in their pots have […]

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