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World War 3: Sweden holds biggest war games for 20 YEARS amid fears over Russia threat

The Scandinavian country has started exercises for 19,000 troops while Russia prepares to make its biggest manoeuvres since 2013. Sweden will simulate an attack from the east on the Baltic island of Gotland, near the Swedish mainland, as part of an exercise lasting three weeks. It comes amid growing concerns from NATO over Moscow’s upcoming […]


Jean-Claude Juncker's 'tragic' EU vision needs to be stopped 'now', rages German MEP

Beatrix von Storch said the European Commission president’s push for a ‘United States of Europe’ was “tragic” and needed to be stopped “immediately”. Mr Juncker delivered his much-anticipated State of the Union speech on Wednesday with a snub to Britain by insisting the EU will move towards greater integration despite Brexit. Speaking to in […]


North Korea missile could kill Kim Jong-un in just 15 MINUTES

North Korea is at the mercy of Seoul after South Korea carried out a missile test that could potentially take out Kim Jong-un. Seoul stepped up its ability to fight back against North Korea during its first live fire drill for an advanced air-launched cruise missile today. And South Korea’s potentially deadly missile is equipped […]


Moscow on lockdown – bomb threats spark city evacuation in terror alert

Around 30 sites are being cleared including universities, shopping centres, and train stations. Authorities claim to have received “almost simultaneous” warnings that some of Moscow’s most popular public places had been rigged with explosives. An emergency services source told Tass news agency: “Twenty sites are currently being evacuated, and more than 10,000 people have been escorted […]


Poland given EU ULTIMATUM: Brussels warns Warsaw rebel nation has ONE MONTH to back down

The ultimatum comes after months of increasingly ill-tempered wrangling with European Union chiefs growing increasingly exasperated with Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party and its refusal to soften its stance. The Commission, along with many EU governments and rights advocates, insist changes to Poland’s judicial system undermines the independence of the judiciary and the […]


Eurozone could be set to CRASH: Expert warns ECB has fears over rapidly rising Euro

GETTY The Euro could be set to PLUNGE in value after increase in value The exchange rate between the Euro and the US dollar has been tightening throughout the summer. Writing in the Financial Times, Italian economist Lorenzo Bini Smagh said: “The European Central Bank seems to be increasingly concerned about the exchange rate of […]


‘It’s high time’ Romania and Bulgaria to join Schengen zone, Juncker announces

EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker made the announcement in his state of the union address on Wednesday.  He said: “It is high time to bring Romania and Bulgaria into the Schengen Area.  “And incidentally Croatia too deserves full membership of the Schengen Area as soon as all of the criteria are met. “All but two […]

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