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TOURIST BACKLASH: Ryanair forced to find new routes in face of Spanish holiday anger

The budget airliner said they will look to “diversify” the routes they transport tourists along amid outbreaks of angry protests by disgruntled residents sick of their home towns and cities becoming tourist traps. Spain was placed under siege from violent protests as many resorted to anti-tourism slogans and graffiti throughout its tourist hubs this summer. […]


Will CHEESE cause World War 3? Source of North Korea’s endless war rage REVEALED

North Korea‘s despot developed an addiction for Emmental cheese and red wine while studying as a boy in Switzerland and continues to get huge shipments sent to Pyongyang today. The hermit state’s leader grew so fond of his European treats it is believed he developed GOUT, after he was captured on film limping and using […]


World War 3: North Korea would 'RATHER EAT GRASS' than give up nukes, Putin warns

The Russian leader mocked the UN attempts to stop North Korea‘s nuclear plans with a wider set of sanctions. Speaking at a public press conference, Mr Putin said: “Do you think that following the adoption of some sanctions, North Korea will abandon its course on creating weapons of mass destruction? “As I said to one […]


Google and YouTube spark outrage by BANNING vital North Korean videos from their websites

YouTube, and its parent company Google, made the decision to remove the channels which was met with anger from researchers desperate for a glimpse into the ultra-secretive nation. Nonproliferation expert Joshua Pollack took to Twitter to criticise the move. He said: “Basically, this hurts efforts to track activities of interest in a closed country — […]


Catalonia independence referendum 'will cause economic COLLAPSE'

Josep Bou, the president of ‘Entrepreneurs of Catalonia’ warns that the secessionist process has meant that Catalan companies have stopped earning 1 billion euros. He warns that if Catalonia achieves independence the region would undergo an exodus of business personnel. And GDP would fall between 16 and 20 percent while unemployment would soar to 42 […]

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